Hello, I’m Ryan.

I’m a product guy. Here are some things about me:

    • I’m currently a Senior Product Manager for Crimson Hexagon
    • In my past I’ve worked for many different companies, ranging from small web firms to enterprise software companies.
    • If you’d like to read more about my work, check out my LinkedIn. I’m always available to connect and talk shop, regardless of industry or vertical.
    • I believe that complicated systems can be simple if you check your premise
    • I believe we can use super computers to solve many of our health problems
    • I’m passionate about genomics
    • I’m equally as passionate about space and satellites.
    • One embarrassing fact about me is that I tried to build a nightclub. It didn’t work out.
    • Downhill mountain biking, reading, space, and genomics are things that I enjoy doing.