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I had a fun conversation this last Friday with some of my friends around stocks that we were holding on to. In early 2016, I remember telling them that Nvidia was the company to own for the next decade. Fortunately, we all had bought in at various points and have made a killing so far.

However, I remember telling some of my other friends back in 2014 that Nvidia was the biggest growth company and is one of the few companies that are creating exponential value. I sent the email on February 15, 2014 back when the stock was trading at ~$15/share. It now sits at $201/share, around a 1,171% gain.

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a “I always pick the best stocks” post but rather just a more concrete way to seeing whether I’m actually right or not when I pick stocks. I never seem to log the trades so I figured I’d put it here. Below are my picks with price targets. Let’s see if I’m right!

  • NVDA – $350 by end of 2018 (currently $201)
  • BOX – $50 by end of 2018 (currently $21)
  • MULE – $50 by end of 2018 (currently $24)
  • MSFT – $175 by end of 2018 (currently $84)
  • MA – $225 by end of 2018 (currently $149)
  • HON – $215 by end of 2018 (currently $146)
  • JNJ – $200 by end of 2018 (currently $141)
  • WEC – $110 by end of 2018 (currently $67)

Just to be clear, these are completely non-calculated, non-scientific estimates. I’m basing my judgement purely on just looking at the business model with current market climates and thinking about where value may increase. Here’s to hoping!

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