My 2016 Year Review

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What a turbulent year! This year has had a lot of trials and tribulations on many fronts. Where to start?

For me, the year started out very rough. In the beginning of February, it started out with a large round of layoffs at the company I worked for – Localytics. This wasn’t necessarily unexpected as I had already started to interview at other companies knowing that the revenue and burn rate of the company couldn’t sustain. I didn’t have a job though so it was still pretty rough. I started interviewing at a ton of different companies around the country and ended up getting the list down to two companies in Boston. Meanwhile, my girlfriend and I did an amazing 7 day trip down to Costa Rica for a much needed vacation. In fact, this was my first true vacation in over 3 years.

Once we got back, I received offers from two companies on the same day making it a fairly tough decision. I chose to go with Crimson Hexagon for various reasons that I stated in another blog and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Just 4 hours after I sent in the paper work to accept the position, my girlfriend was offered and accepted a residency position to study Emergency and Critical Care for her veterinarian specialty. This was quite a shock given that she didn’t apply to the match which is how you get offered a position. The unfortunate news was that this position was back in Colorado, forcing us to do distance yet again.

We celebrated our 3 year relationship March 31st.

I started my new job in April, moved apartments in July 1st, and my girlfriend moved to Colorado July 4th. The residency was an unbelievably toxic environment with ivory tower faculty spearheading the hazing. In the first 4 weeks, she worked an average of 110 hours a week with a peak at around 120 while other critical care residents were capped at 80. We’re still not sure why there was special treatment. I spent countless nights on the phone with her helping build out her first paper to be published on a topic that, in total, had a sample set of 4 patients for data points. 4 data points total on a specific weight and breed of dog to argue for a new “golden standard” on how to handle arterial blood pressure in critical patients. Unfortunately, the faculty mentor needed to retain her grant money so she had pawned off the paper to my girlfriend to write. While I had heard of similar experiences, it was a whole different experience seeing it fairly first hand. The emails, texts, conversations, etc. were beyond unprofessional and the hazing dangerous. It unearthed a new found fear of our doctors, healthcare, and general medical field with the lack of adequate data backing “golden standard” claims and treatment plans.

After 5 weeks of being in the academic bullshit, she quit. There are some things in life that are worth fighting for and dedicating yourself to. Being known by a group of 400 ivory tower medical faculty is not one of those things. She proceeded to take 3 months off and moved into a full time critical care position.

Meanwhile, I spent my time working on helping my Dad create his new company – The Sequencing Center. It’s a vertically integrated center that provides Next Generation Sequencing, Bioinformatics, and Data Management all under one roof with a boost of modern software automation. We spend the next 4 months working on building a prototype data platform, incredibly extensive reporting template, and pitch deck in which he is pitching his first client in January. I hope to help him grow the company into something huge that is widely beneficial for the medical community to be more biology-based and data driven about drug development (when applicable).

I fly once a month to Colorado to visit my girlfriend for a week at a time and am working with my company to split my time between the two locations. My girlfriend and I will be moving to Denver come April to May so hit me up if you’d like to network!

In 2016, I increased my savings by 75% (yay!) but missed my target goal by ~$1,000. I only read 10 books compared to my previous year of 21 (boo!). Here is a list of the books I read:

  • Life at the Speed of Light
  • The Martian
  • As a Man Thinketh
  • Red Rising
  • Golden Son
  • Morning Star
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Hillbilly Elegy
  • Dark Matter
  • When Breath Becomes Air

I accomplished my goal of not drinking beer for a year and plan on drinking a shitty, cold Coors Banquet Beer as a celebration. Additionally, I ended being a vegetarian of 2 years for various reasons. The TL;DR is that I was probably anemic, iron deficient, and needed more protein. I won’t be eating meat nearly as much but probably once a week. Next years goals are adding things instead of removing. My goals are to meditate 10 minutes each day (morning or night) and to stretch for 10 minutes. There may be others that I add in but those are TBD. I’d also like to get back into reading more and help making a significant impact for my Dads company.

Overall, I’d rate 2016 a solid 8/10. New job that is way better, healthy relationship, hit my yearly goal, barely missed some financial goals, and still in good health. The last 2 months has already shown me that 2017 will be likely a turbulent but exciting year. I’m expecting lots of dramatic changes, some loft trials, but incredible tribulations.

Cheers to the New Year!

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