Why I Joined Crimson Hexagon

Posted by | April 16, 2016 | Thoughts on Life, Thoughts on Startups | No Comments

It’s never easy trying to figure out where to build your career at next. Finding a new job is a lot like dating and getting into a marriage. Although, with finding a new company to join, you have less time to figure out what is really happening on the inside.

After the previous startup I worked for had some turbulence, I found myself having a unique opportunity of having a lot of time to find the right place to join. I wanted to join a professional company that wasn’t trying to hit the “hyper-growth-hockey-stick”. The ideal company I was looking for was one with solid business fundamentals, a professional team that still knew how to have fun, one that didn’t have a cult-like culture, and one that valued each individual.

I interviewed at 31 companies all over the country. From Seattle to Colorado to NYC to Boston, I went through it all. Some didn’t like me; some I didn’t like. I stepped out of my comfort zone on a biotech company, tried out a massive corp, and even fresh 10 person startups. Initially, I had the notion that I didn’t want to do another marketing company. But through a mutual friend, I was softly introduced to Crimson Hexagon. I got lunch with my now boss, Josh, who laid out the company in full transparency. He didn’t sugar coat anything and was completely frank with the state of the product management organization, what they need, and where the current state of the product was at.

There was no talk of “we’re valued at $800M because of some BS numbers” but rather focused on telling me the real revenue, the path to profitability, the retention rates, and everything in between. It was a complete breath of fresh air. Apart from that, his knowledge on product management made me comfortable knowing that I could potentially learn a lot from someone like him.

Apart from all of those factors, there was one that helped sealed the deal: scalability. We spent ample time talking about the scaling challenges of growing in massive corporations, what it means from a PM perspective, a strategic view, and what it meant to my personal career. Interestingly enough, with my desire to build a company someday in the healthcare or genetics world, we talked about the areas of learning that would be beneficial to me that I would learn from Crimson Hexagon.

Although it was “another marketing company”, I felt confident and decided to join. After my first week there, I feel like it was by far the right choice. My perception on building another marketing platform has been completely overturned based on two customers I met with already – both multinational billion dollar corporations. It was incredible to see how they’re using the product in very meaningful ways that transcend the normal marketing mantra of “buy my shit”. These companies are using our platform to take political stances that helped generate positive human rights reforms, understanding the current election sentiment, or even how different products are penetrating the markets from a consumer buying perspective. It was truly fascinating to hear their stories and it completely changed my mind about the space.

I joined Crimson Hexagon because I believed that I could provide substantial value to their organization and that I could grow a lot personally and professionally from them. After being proven wrong on my own marketing biases, I’m even more excited than ever before about the company and the product.

If you’re interested in joining a company that care about you, that focuses on sustainable growth, that has a product with large potential, that is utilizing modern technology, that has a brilliant team, that is doing amazing work in machine learning, that is on it’s way up, check out their careers page or reach out for a transparent view and conversation into what the company is all about.

Thanks for bringing me on Crimson Hexagon!