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In one week I’ll be leaving my current position at Acquia as a Product Manager on the Lift Personalization product. I’m incredibly sad to be leaving Acquia as I loved the people I worked with, the vision of the company, and passion everyone had for what they did. Starting June 1st, I’ll be moving to be a Product Manager at Localytics on the marketing feature set within their platform.

I first joined Acquia as a Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Site Factory. I didn’t have much marketing experience but they gave me the opportunity to prove that I make an impact to the business. This is one of the attributes that I loved about Acquia was the willingness to give people a chance to shine. It ended up working out well when we ended up doubling our lead pipeline.

Cloud Site Factory was a very challenging product to market due to the technical complexities and business impact. Site Factory allowed businesses to rapidly spin up site, maintain governance over their digital properties, and simplify the technical management for developers. It touched every aspect of the business and was often the catalyst for many companies looking to replatform their CMS but also to shifting towards a digital first company.

I was then given the opportunity to move into Product Management on the Lift Personalization product. Lift allowed businesses to provide contextual 1:1 marketing conversations with users on their websites. It was quite the learning curve but we ultimately pushed the product into an early success.

Acquia taught me a lot about mid sized company growth and how to transform to an enterprise focused company. It takes a broader mind shift to break into the enterprise market from how you sell to your value props to your support model. While going through this transformation, Acquia has been able to stay true to their core DNA and culture which I believe will ultimately make them the go to solution for enterprises in the future.

While bittersweet, I’m happy I was able to contribute to such a strong company and learn so much. I was given a great opportunity with Localytics to work on a whole different set of challenges to break through. Being a much smaller company at ~200 employees with double digit growth, it’s going to be another learning experience that will give me insight I need to start my own company in the future.

Cheers to Acquia on their move to State Street in Downtown Boston and many more years of success! And many thanks to the folks at Localytics for giving me an exciting new challenge to pursue.

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